Budding Bluebells

During your child’s time in Budding Bluebells there is a strong emphasis on developing their increasing vocabulary. This is done through “News time” ; an opportunity to talk in front of their peers and share experiences.

We employ a Early Years Teacher who leads the team to ensure that the children are reaching their full potential. Tapestry software is used to track children’s progress throughout their time in Bluebells, this will then carry forward to Pixie Pre-school.

Children have access to the big garden and will regularly spend prolonged periods of time outdoors, exploring and investigating all of the different equipment.

Bluebell children will often visit Pre-school to spend time within the next area, helping to ease the transition over when the time comes. The children are given the opportunity to access the interactive Smart board and join in with small group times.

Free Early Education Entitlement for two, three and four year olds

The free early education entitlement will be a maximum of 15 hours per week and you are entitled to claim for 38 weeks of the year during term time only (although the entitlement can be accessed up to 51 weeks with the number of hours per week reduced). Short sessions and School Days only run in term time with the option of Holiday Club (9am – 3pm), subject to availability. Full Day and Half Day sessions run throughout the whole year. For more information please visit www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/children_and_families/family_information_service/family_information_service.aspx